Client Spotlight: Atrium Health and Carolina Panthers

Updated: Jun 8

Atrium Health and Carolina Panthers: A Partnership of Therapy Through Play

In March 2022, Atrium Health partnered with the Carolina Panthers to revitalize a play therapy room in the Atrium Health Behavioral Health Charlotte facility with updated wall wraps.

The play therapy room is equipped with durable toys that are easy to clean and designed to encourage the spirit of play and recovery for Charlotte area pediatric patients. The grant provided by the Carolina Panthers allowed for this amazing endeavor between two of the Queen City’s most impactful organizations.

Atrium Health, formerly known as Carolinas HealthCare System, is a network of hospitals proudly serving the Southeast, including the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. As a network of hospitals employing over 70,000 employees with over 1,400 locations, it is the largest employer in Charlotte, NC and a leading provider of healthcare for adults and children in numerous fields of medicine and pediatrics.

A Friendly Interior Space Ideal for Emotional Wellness

When it came to branding Atrium Health’s revitalized play therapy room in collaboration with the Carolina Panthers, the job would require a special touch to make the space inviting to encourage positive mental health and emotional recovery in children. Sarah Garrison, Director of Enterprise Sports Marketing and Corporate Events at Atrium Health, reached out to BlueFire, a division of Heritage, Printing, Signs & Displays, to carry out the branding of the space. The BlueFire team worked closely with Garrison and Matt Herndon, Atrium Health’s Senior Specialist of Enterprise Sports Marketing, to execute the project.

The collaboration process between BlueFire and Atrium Health involved several key aspects, the most important, creating a friendly interior space that is an ideal environment for positive emotional recovery for children. Specifically, this endeavor involved updating the Children’s Playroom at Atrium Health Behavioral Health Charlotte with artwork created by Varsity Partners that will encourage a friendly atmosphere. The BlueFire team was tasked with implementing the artwork by recommending and using the proper materials and employing BlueFire’s leading production process and installation techniques.

A Room of Restoration

On the day of the installation, the BlueFire install team undertook the branding of the play therapy room using wall wraps to adhere the Varsity Partners artwork to the walls. All four walls were wrapped with a continuous design using 3M vinyl and laminate. These materials allowed for the artwork to be easily cleaned and securely attached to the walls of the space with minimal risk of peeling or fading over time. The result was a soothing space designed to encourage positive emotional recuperation in children and highlight Atrium Health’s partnership with the Carolina Panthers that made it possible. Upon completion, Sarah Garrison and Matt Herndon of Atrium Health were very pleased with the results and the beneficial impact it will have on recuperating children in the Charlotte community

What Is BlueFire?

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