What Is Experiential Design?

Updated: Jun 14

What Are Experiential Graphics?

Experiential graphics refers to the materials used to shape a customer’s experience of interacting with an interior space. Experiential graphics involve the orchestration of typography, color, imagery, and form to ensure that customers and employees have an impactful and even meaningful experience with a company’s interior space. Put simply, experiential graphics ensure that all who enter a company’s interior have a positive impression of the company.

Examples of Experiential Graphics

Examples of experiential graphics include wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage and sign programs, exhibit design, retail design, and themed or branded spaces. An effective piece of signage distinguishes between a brand that leaves an impact on potential customers and a bland or forgettable interior space that doesn’t translate into sales.

Usually, the most effective examples of experiential graphics are the ones that are used in conjunction with each other. For example, a rebranded corporate headquarters might employ three-dimensional signage for the logo, possibly with LED backlighting to accentuate it. Wall wraps on the lobby interior walls might highlight key branding images or slogans, mission statements, company values, current promotions, or other important information. Freestanding signage can add an extra layer of depth, or perhaps a custom-fabricated sign that has a unique shape and function. There are numerous tools available in the world of experiential graphics to craft an experience for a business, but using the right ones in a way that both matches and amplifies a brand is how an impressive experience can be created.

How BlueFire Provides Experiential Graphics Solutions for Corporate Interior Spaces

BlueFire specializes in providing experiential graphics solutions that have transformed the corporate interior spaces of clients both large and small. The goal with each job we do is to ensure that lobbies, boardrooms, commercial showrooms, offices, and retail spaces create lasting positive impressions on target audiences and achieve key brand initiatives.

BlueFire is a division of Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, an industry leader in the production and installation of commercials signs, graphics, and custom displays. BlueFire creates award-winning corporate interior branding, storefront graphics, and event displays for clients from Washington, DC to Charlotte, NC. BlueFire provides unmatched customer service and project management for corporate office, retail, healthcare, education, municipal, multi-family, faith-based, sports, and entertainment venues.

Contact the team at BlueFire to inquire about how we can support the transformation of your office, retail, campus, or venue space. To get started, give us a call at (704) 655-1465 or email us at info@bluefirevisual.com.

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