Corporate Transformation Case Study: Teguar

Updated: Apr 13

Creative Collaboration:

Prior to selecting a printing and signage company to install creative wall graphics in their corporate office, Teguar, an industrial and medical computer company, consulted with their interior design firm, KK Interior Design Group, who recommend Bluefire for the project.

Project Development:

BlueFire assigned a dedicated Project Manager to their account and got to work. After an initial conversation with the Teguar team and their contractor, Ratzlaff Construction, the Project Manager collaborated on ideas and we scheduled a site survey to walk through their office and find ways to bring their vision to life.

After the site survey, our team determined what graphics should go in each area, and on each wall. Although not a requirement for every project, this project required creative consultation on behalf of the Project Manager to determine which products and applications would achieve the goal and elevate the aesthetics of the space.

We worked with the Teguar team to find ideas that they liked and purchase images — this design was not made from scratch, but rather a creative usage of existing design. We then laid out the images for them, and offered the frosted vinyl to go on the offices because our Project Manager saw how open the offices were. Lastly, we suggested standoff signs because it adds more of a wow factor and makes it more dramatic.

We collaborated with Teguar’s owner and came up the idea to put their corporate core values on a sign in the middle of the graphics. Based on this idea, we suggested colors on a clear sign and added frosted to the back of it to help with readability. Once we had the ideas finalized, we worked on an estimate and helped adjust it based on their budget.

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