Johnson & Wales University Creates A Unique Brand Experience For Campus Visitors.

The Johnson & Wales University Charlotte Campus was looking for an admissions lobby facelift. Knowing the importance of the first impression, it was crucial properly express their brand to visitors and potential students. Additionally they wanted to create a positive image of who they are as a University.

BlueFire Visual was selected to collaborate with the University in transforming their interior space to visually engage visitors. James Zambrano, an experienced Project Manager at BlueFire, collaborated with the Johnson & Wales team to determine the best products to achieve their vision for the space.

Over the course of three months, we worked together to create and install their selected products. For this particular client, we created and installed various visual solutions including:

• Printed Large Acrylic Plaques

• Logo Updates

• Dimensional and Vinyl Lettering

• Monument Signage Panels

• Acrylic Directory Maps

• Updated Old Signage

• Added New Signage

Johnson & Wales benefitted from being able to collaborate with us from start to finish for all of their products’ replacements and updates. Now, their story is showcased from the moment someone walks through the door of their admissions lobby!

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