Krispy Kreme Case Study: Corporate Conference and Store Locations

Updated: Mar 10

With over 350 locations in the U.S., Krispy Kreme is a popular doughnut and coffee chain whose mission is to “make the most awesome donuts on the planet”. The company, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, needed experiential graphics for their Manager and Owner Conference taking place at a popular hotel in 2018. Eventually, this collaboration led to a working relationship that allowed us to foster a unique connection and trust with the team at Krispy Kreme’s headquarters. We now work closely with their team to facilitate all of the company’s signage needs in many of their storefront locations along the East coast.

Collaboration: A Creative Process

To begin the collaboration process, one of our passionate Project Managers met with Krispy Kreme’s internal marketing department to brainstorm creative ideas and learn more about the company.

Due to the corporate event being held in a hotel, they wanted to foster a sense of community surrounding the brand for attendees by creating an atmosphere that reflects the playful personality of the company. They also sought to engage guests by creating a memorable experience that made them feel proud to be involved with Krispy Kreme at such a high level.

Additionally, they hoped to boost overall brand awareness by attracting attention to the event. Once our project manager learned about their goals for the conference, our team was able to recommend a list of products to fit their vision.

Project Development: Leadership Conference

In order to bring the hotel venue to life, we used a variety of high-quality experiential graphic design products to transform the space including 3D products, vinyl wraps, and more.

Since Krispy Kreme is a lively and fun company, we wanted to reflect that by using visually dynamic 3D Display Cube Towers for added interest. Each side of the cube featured an image that represents the brand, such as the brand’s logo, images of doughnuts being glazed, and so on. These eye-catching products added another visual element to the venue and helped bring attention to the entrance of the conference room. This can be especially useful for helping guests decipher in which event room the conference is taking place.

Additionally, we added floor graphics and window graphics throughout the venue to enhance the atmosphere. Elevator wraps featuring the company’s slogan “When it’s on, it’s on,” referring to their famous hot doughnuts light, were installed to further brand the space and greet guests as they arrived. Colorful banners featuring a variety of their doughnuts were also created for fun photo-ops for guests to participate in and create valuable user-generated content. Plus, branded portable fabric collapsible frames allowed for easy mobility around the venue space.

Ultimately, the eye-catching products we provided to Krispy Kreme were able to raise awareness of both the event and the company itself. We not only finished creating the products before the deadline, we shipped them through overnight priority mailing to ensure event success

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